Taking Care of Our Own

Topcrete Forming Safety Policies & Procedures

At Topcrete Forming, we understand that our employees are the heart and soul of our company. That is why we provide them with the best safety training in the concrete forming industry that complies with the Ontario Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development Programs.
Safety is Our #1 Priority

New employees receive on-site and in-class training that ensures they are up to date with current practices and have full confidence to do their job. For existing employees, we have regular on-going training programs so common safety skills are second nature and never forgotten. 

Topcrete Forming is also fully insured with extensive coverage to add ease of mind with each project we complete.

Safety is the #1 priority on our job sites and we work together as a team to make that happen every day.

Each employee on our job sites will also have formal training and be certified with the following health and safety programs (when applicable):

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Taking Care of The Public

As our job sites are in urban centres throughout the Greater Toronto Area, we take all necessary steps to ensure that public safety is taken care of.

Months of preparation go into planning each development project so that all aspects of a job site are up to date with code and safety standards down to the smallest details.

Our Trusted Safety Partners

We’ve partnered with the industry standards in safety. You can trust the Topcrete team to keep your community safe.
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