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Concrete Forming Services for Toronto

At Topcrete Forming we are committed to getting your commercial or residential project finished in the most efficient manner possible. We put extra effort into the planning and execution of our jobs so we can be mindful of timelines, budgets and the desired result.

Technological Innovation

We are constantly evolving with the concrete forming industry and implementing new methods of engineering structurally sound buildings. A great example of this is using a hybrid steel and concrete system such as the Steel & Concrete Core Wall System. This allows us to construct floors quicker using two steel plates that are held together by spacing ties. We then fill the gap between the plates with high strength concrete and can move on to the next section. A method like this also eliminates the need for rebar saving thousands of dollars.

Just like the systems we use, the concrete itself must evolve. The years of traditional concrete are behind us and new innovations like Control Flow Concrete or self-consolidating concrete can now be used to add more strength and increase structure complexity. Our team of engineers will ensure we use the most efficient and cost effective method for your low, med or high rise project.

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Low Rise
Concrete Forming

Whether you’re planning the development of a new commercial office space or a residential low rise apartment complex, our expert team can handle the concrete forming. We have years of experience with low rise concrete planning and forming.

High Rise
Concrete Forming

When it comes to high rise forming, attention to detail is everything. We take all the necessary steps to ensure the highest quality concrete is used and the forming system we decide to implement will stand the test of time.
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We understand that different concrete projects require different levels of concrete finishes. We work with your team to decide on the desired look and feel for your concrete then use the most practical method. Trowel or Power Trowel, broom or edging is all in our wheelhouse.

Service Areas

Located in the Durham region in the small city of Bowmanville, we are perfectly located to handle all jobs the Greater Toronto Area has to offer.
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